The hall was built by the villagers themselves on the vicarage orchard from mainly prefabricated concrete with work being carried out almost every evening and Saturday over a period of 12 months in 1951 and 1952. A kitchen extension was built in 1960, again by voluntary labour.

It was built because the School buildings became no longer available for community use. The cost was raised by loans and fundraising in the village.

By 2007 it became clear that the hall would not survive much longer as its facilities and structure were out of date with modern requirements, so local residents came together to plan a replacement.

The designs and planning were well established when, in 2010, an amazing act of generosity took place.


The existing Batheaston Church Hall was the brainchild of the then Vicar, Rev. Reg. Evans. 


PatsyPatsy Townsend, a lifelong Batheaston resident left a legacy, the funds from the sale of her home. A charity was set up by local residents to administer the funds and to move the project forward.

The new hall was designed and in 2013 planning approval from B&NES planners was given. Unfortunately, a local resident instigated a challenge to the local authority’s decision, which was subsequently overturned by the High Court on a planning technicality. A subsequent approval was again overturned on a different technicality but, finally in 2017, after many frustrating and costly years, approval of the plans went unchallenged. Throughout the submissions of the three planning applications, there was unwavering support from the local community..

In the meantime, unfortunately the Hall inevitably reached the end of its workable life and following a respectful party of celebration for all of those years, it was demolished in June 2018

We now really need your help to rebuild this essential venue and allow all of those village groups to return and bring back those lost social opportunities for all.